USAID Officials with MUB officials


Malawi Union of the Blind is one of the few organizations implementing Inclusive Education projects in Malawi. For the past 10 years, MUB has been implementing programs in Nsanje, Karonga and Phalombe districts. However, 2020 has seen the inclusion of Rumphi district on inclusive education with the aim of ensuring learners that with disabilities, in particular the visually impaired, access equal and quality education.

This saw the implementation of a training for primary school teachers drawn from St. Dennis and Chozoli Primary schools in the month of October 2020. Among other things the training, which lasted a whole week, raised awareness amongst teachers on the issues surrounding inclusive education, barriers to inclusive education, as well as activities in inclusive learning. Teachers grilled in ways of creating effective teaching and learning aids that cost almost nothing. These are important considering that most schools are struggling financially and they are usually constrained to find financial resources to buy teaching resources.

The teachers were also trained in effective ways of identifying learners with special needs. Literally all teachers appreciated the training as they appreciated the fact that some of the learners they had condemned as being not interested in school, were in learners in need of special education needs and that with the skills they were equipped with at the training they would help such learners more effectively and in a more humane manner. In his closing remarks, the District Eduaction Manager for Rumphi emphasised on the need for teachers to implement what they learned. He also recommended Malawi Union of the Blind for coming up with the idea of  equipping regular teachers with knowledge on how to manage learners with disabilities he said this will help in effectiveness and efficiency of delivering inclusive education approach in the targeted schools . He also appealed to the trained teachers to be innovative in the teaching of learners with disabilities.

The training was facilitated by two special needs specialists, one education adviser and MUB Education officer, Mr Stuart Chauluka. A total of 52 teachers were trained of which 47 were female and 15 males.

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